Back to the office? Seven tips for getting back into the swing of things

back to work

If you have been working from home for some time, it can feel daunting to think about returning to the office. So here are some tips:

1) It might be harder to get up for that commute to start with – try at least a week of setting the clock and rising at the time you would have done when going into the office

2) The secret is: preparation, preparation, preparation. Get your work clothes ready the night before, note down anything you need to take with you such as a packed lunch and anything else you might need to do. Get into the routine of doing some things the night before so there’s no need to rush on that first day back.

3) Be ready for changes in any systems, policies and procedures since you’ve been out of the office. Take courage to ask about things you might no longer know. Remember everyone is in the same boat!

4) Allow yourself to adapt gradually. It’s often a case of ‘slowly, slowly catch the monkey quickly’ when it comes to adapting to change.

5) Be mindful of other people’s anxieties, that they can be ‘contagious’ and so take a step back from the situation and ask yourself ‘Is this my issue or theirs?’

6) If you’re still feeling the pressure, then try the following exercise:-
Draw two circles – the outer circle is Concern, the inner one is the circle of Influence. Start with the outer circle and write in all the issues, situations and events that are outside your control. Then write in the circle of influence what you can do something about, even if it is just to ‘tweak’ it.

7) Get your priorities right! When I’ve got a lot on, I divide ‘stuff’ up in the following way:

a) What’s important but not urgent
b) What’s important and urgent
c) What’s not important but urgent
d) What’s not important and not urgent

It can be an eye opener as to what really matters. So be honest and get cracking!

If you try some of these tips, that first day back might be the start of big changes. Take it one step at a time!

Jen Popkin

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